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Maverick Moon
Belly Dance

Certified BlackSheep BellyDance Instruction
Levels 1, 2, & 3

Classes & Events


BlackSheep BellyDance Tribal Group Improv - Multi-level Class: Mondays 7:30-8:45pm

$12 per class (drop-ins welcome)

4-class punch card available for $43​ (save $5)
Contact Therese: 217.341.7664 or MaverickMoonBellyDance@gmail.com to reserve your spot!​

Choreographies - Multi-level Class: **Fridays 6-7pm

Learn the Choreography of the **Month

"I Cash Radii" with Allegra: 4-week session Fridays May 10, May 24, May 31, June 7

The song "I Cash Radii" is from Pentaphobe's 2005 album Sa'iyr: A Tribal Metamorphosis. The music has Middle Eastern-inspired rhythms that naturally lend themselves to tribal stylizations (with some pop-and-lock thrown in for flavor). This is an original tribal fusion choreography written by a Maverick Moon long-time friend, Katie Tarpening-Garner.

Various styles of belly dance choreographies offered include Oriental, Saiidi, Drum Solos, Veil, Fusion, Sword, Folkloric, Cane, Bollywood-inspired, etc.

$12 per class (drop-ins welcome)

4-class punch card available for $43​ (save $5) 

Contact Therese: 217.341.7664 or MaverickMoonBellyDance@gmail.com to reserve your spot!​

**See calendar below for more information on choreography class dates.


BlackSheep BellyDance Teacher Training - Levels 1, 2, & 3

Increase your knowledge of each movement in the BSBD format with this Level 1 teaching course.  Understanding the history and lineage of this dance  form and the importance of honoring the origins are covered as well. After completion you may then move into Level 2.  BSBD L2 is a large  volume of movements, combos, names and credits to their sources.  Those  interested in taking their dance even further, we have Level 3, Props,  costuming, marketing and new combos. This 2 day course will have a  minimum of 16 hours instruction.

Level 1 Certification: 8 hours ($500) Before we start you'll need the Tribal Bible by Kajira Djoumahna  (available on amazon) and Level 1 & 2 Instructional DVD's (I have a couple sets on hand!)   

Level 1 Intensive: 8 hours ($200) You will receive a Level 1 DVD, learn all of Level 1 and apply it in formation and flow (a peek into Level 2!) 

Level 2 Certification: TBA ($600) Completed Level 1 training and able to demonstrate zill work, Shimmies and Layering 

  • Combo L1 & L2 ($1000)

Level 3 Certification: TBA ($200) Completed L1 & L2

  • Combo L1, 2, & 3 ($1100)

What you will receive from me:  

  • A minimum of 16 hours instruction.  
  • Folders containing all of the notes from Kajira Djoumahna and myself (Therese) regarding every movement for each level. 
  • The opportunity to video your instructional training.  
  • Unlimited access for any questions regarding teaching or advice about the format. (Please realize this format can take several years to master, so keep in touch!) 
  • Annual DVD review of you teaching the format to reissue your certificate. 
  • Performance opportunities with BlackSheep BellyDance.  

Seminar Offerings


BlackSheep BellyDance/Tribal Group Improv
Levels 1, 2, & 3

Level 1- Introduction to Tribal Group Improvisation.  A core vocabulary of movements that allow us to dance as one unit

Level 2- A large variety of movements, combinations and formations for the intermediate dancer

Level 3- Professional level stage presentation, floor work, balancing work and much more. 

Specialty Classes:
Smooth Transitions

From Right to Left side of body - This is great fun as we have to dance, dance, dance it out by working from one side to the other and back!  


Zill patterns & Techniques are used and changed throughout the format. 3-3-7,  3-1-3-1-3,  3-5-1-5,  etc.  Loads of fun!


Veil work for a beautiful "show".  Colorful silk floats and swirls around as you dance. This is a great workout with visual beauty. 

Oriental Style (Classic Belly Dance)

Classes designed to develop your own dance.  Steps and combos with a  variety of options to choose from to make it your own, including choreographies.


Silk Dyeing

In the summer (or at your house). We gather to dye silks and enjoy our creations as they blow in the breeze to dry. 

** Wine optional!

Sword Balancing

Sword work is always a delight to watch.  The use of real Scimitars balanced on our heads, hips, shoulders, etc. takes concentration and practice. It's so  exciting!